What's the Buzz?

“Koyabe’s Alana widens the scope of teenage tribulations.”

 - Los Angeles Times

“Phoebe Koyabe maybe does the best work I’ve seen yet as Alana Beck, Evan’s plucky classmate who takes the Connor-memorial effort too far in order to bolster her own visibility and sense of purpose.”

 - Entertainment Weekly

“Phoebe Koyabe does a fine job as Alana Beck, one of Evan’s classmates and a self-appointed busybody who both encourages his subterfuge and later exposes it.”

 Aisle Seat Review


“The teens’ overachieving schoolmate Alana (nicely strident Phoebe Koyabe) creates The Connor Project, an online memorial and burgeoning business enterprise.”

 - San Francisco Examiner

“And the other teenagers…Phoebe Koyabe as Alana, an ambitious senior unafraid of creating opportunities for herself—are equally as effective…”

 - Theater Dogs 

“Another newcomer making a terrific debut is Phoebe Koyabe as Alana Beck, an Elle Woods type who monetizes Connor’s suicide for maximum social media gain and her own popularity.”

 - Hollywood Reporter

“Phoebe Koyabe excels as Alana, the super-focused A student, who grabs the chance to log in another extra-curricular activity. Touchingly, Alana wants to help others who feel invisible, like her.”


“Phoebe Koyabe, lastly, offers lots of vim and vigor to the character of Alana Beck, an aspirational student who helps engineer the Evan-Connor social media pomp, yet is also perceptive enough to doubt it when inconsistencies are discovered in the faux-buddy story.”

 - LA Excites

“Phoebe Koyabe brings out subtle shades of motivation in Alana, the awkward, overachieving schoolmate who turns grieving Connor into a social media phenomenon.”

 - Bay Area Reporter

“…Alana, played by the awesome Phoebe Koyabe.”

 - VMEdia Backstage

“Phoebe Koyabe and Jared Goldsmith both do terrific work in the supporting roles of high school students Alana and Jared, both as foils for Evan’s intense introversion.”

 - 7×7

“…a spirited turn by young Phoebe Koyabe…”

 - Bay Area Plays

“And, Phoebe Koyabe, a home-grown talent from Chandler, shines as Evan’s type-A accomplice in the campaign for The Connor Project.”

 - Broadway World

“Rounding out the cast were…Phoebe Koyabe as Alana Beck. Both were very strong, particularly in the ‘Good For You’ and the ‘Disappear’ numbers.”

 Observations Along the Road

“Koyabe and Goldsmith add wonderful comedic touches.”

 - Broadway World

“Everything is top notch as is the entire cast with…Phoebe Koyabe as Alana Beck…”

 - South Pasadenan 

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